Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Minutes and $5: Chevron Nightstand Makeover

Chevron shelf liner drawer fronts with $1 jute  wrapped knobs

I found this aqua and white chevron liner during one of my frequent trips to TJ Maxx. I don't always make a purchase, but I try to check out what the weeks delivery brings to my local TJ Maxx. Decorating on a budget definitely takes time and patience. I've been hoarding collecting items for Alyssa's room since the Spring. 

Now, back to the shelf liner. The Chevron pattern is all the rage right now. Although I have to admit I didnt want to invest the $$ in fabric or bedding. For $5.99, I knew I could use it to add a playful look to Alyssa's room. Did I line shelves with it? N-O.

I needed to give my old nightstand a new life. I used this furniture when I was a child and now my oldest daughter has a few pieces of the set in her room. Afer testing the liner on the wood to be sure it was actually removeable, I put my plan into action.

This particular shelf liner is easy to work with. I cut a piece of liner slightly larger than the drawer front. After removing the backing I began in the center of the drawer, pressing and smoothing the liner, working to the outer edges. Finally I cut the excess edges with a utility knife. I covered the wooden knobs with jute string ($1.00 from the Dollar Store) and a  hot glue gun. Much less expensive than replacing all the knobs!

 I added a few accessories we have been collecting for Alyssa's room:
Wood and Brass Boat: $7 TJ Maxx
Mercury Glass Candle holder: $2 Tuesday Morning
Large Clam Capiz Shell: $6 TJ Maxx
Capiz Shell Frame: $9 TJ Maxx

After a few adjustments and the addition of the DIY artwork, the nightstand is complete!

I think the artwork really finishes the look. My daughter loves her trendy new nightstand and I love that I didn't have to paint it! lol

I cant wait to show you another project using shelf liner....
Check back to see how I use shelf liner on an accent wall. 
(That funky white box is the door bell)

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  1. So creative. I never would have thought to use shelf liner for that purpose. I promised to help my sister redo her dresser, so I will have to keep that in mind.

  2. So creative. I'll have to keep that in mind as I promised my sister to help her redo her dresser. I wouldn't have thought to use shelf liner that way!